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There are 7 minutes until the end of my workday! I have been sufficiently busy and thus didn’t find the time to update today.


i had beans and rice for lunch, yumm

i am going to the gym after work, after i pick up my sister from school

justin has a cold and so he will be ditching the gym tonight for a trip into orangeville with the guys (he is such a baby when hes sick)

I have had my body weight in water today….i swear i must have!

I toiled with the idea of having a book reading blog rather than one about my boring life….any ideas (oh right, i forgot, i have no readers! i can do what ever i want! muahahahahahah!)

and that is all!…..with 3 minutes to spare!



This is the first post I have written at home; it is basically to talk about the books that I recently checked out of the library.


mysisterskeeperLast year I read a book called My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I read it in 12 hours and called in sick to work the next day. I sobbed for hours after finishing the book and I promised to never pick up another book written by this woman.

Don’t get me wrong; the book was amazing. I could not put it down. But there was no way I was going to put myself through that kind of trama again. If you don’t believe me that a book can do that I dare you to pick it up.

Anyways, of course, I came across another book by Picoult at the thrift store and purchased it for $1, this one was called The Pact. It was AMAZING. I had the same reaction, I pulled all nighters and read it through in two sittings. But this time I was armed and, as they say, what doesn’t kill ou makes you stronger.

So now I am hooked; I just finished reading her book The Tenth Circle which was disturbing and full of emotions and I had Justin drive to the cottage yesturday so that I could finish it. I started the next one on my list last night, its called Nineteen Minutes>

Now, it is not that I do not like this book, but it is making me feel uncomfortable. The book is, to put it simply, about a highschool shooting, where the shooter is a student and kills other teens because he was bullied. I feel that Picoult is attempting to make the reader sympathetic to the shooter, and this is what is making me uncomforatable. I can’t feel symapthy for the shooter, no matter how much he was teased or how terrible the children were to him, it wouldn’t feel right to feel bad for this shooter.

Her novels are so emotionally charged. You can’t help but love and hate each character, their decisions their actions, the reasons they do what they do. The topics are all so controversial and I have a hard time bouncing back and forth, sure of my opinion on a subject one minute, and then questioning it the next.

I have purchased three more of her books and, at this rate, I will be able to finish them shortly. Maybe I will add a once a week book review to this blog!

Jodi, oh Jodi! I love/hate you!

We had a busy weekend

I went to the gym saturday morning and saw my personal trainer. Then Justin and I went to see my tattoo artist and scheduled my tattoo for next saturday the 28th!

On the way back to my town from the bigger city that my tattoo artist works in, justin and I stopped at a sales office for new houses. we fell in love with this house that will be about $100 000 over our price range next year when we are actively looking. But it doesn’t hurt to have a look, right?

Saturday night my parents went to my aunt’s birthday, so we had the guys over for a few drinks and a laugh.*

Sunday we all got up early and Justin and I met my parents at the cottage where we had the Tree Doctors in cutting down some sick trees (all of which seemed precariously close to the cottage!) and do a little clean up of the property. This meant that we actually got to have some fresh air this weekend! I even got to climb up the top and sweep the roof, and clean out the eaves (sp?)img00114

*Now, i always feel about 16 when i say these things, but my parents were away saturday night and so we had friend’s over and we drank. We are all over the legal Canadian drinking age (soon to all be over the US leagal drinking age) and we were responsible and those who drank didn’t drive, and we weren’t loud (my nephew slept through us hanging out). The problem is my parents.

I have never had the oppertunity to have friends over. I think it is what has really made me the awkward almost anti social person that i am. I spent 100% of the time i was not actually at school with my parents and family, until i started working part time.

I have a tattoo on my lower back, i got it when I turned 18 and was still in highschool. I actually got it as soon as it was legal. it has been almost 3 years now and I am itching for a new one.

I was laying in bed last night and a sudden thought popped up: ‘I want a tattoo with Justin’s name’. Well as everyone knows, thats not the greatest idea ever. Incase hell freezes over and we break up it would not be something I’d be happy to look at. So I was thinking i would get a butterfly, i have always wanted a butterfly, i even had my tattoo parlor scetch one up for me, but i never got around to actually getting it. I would just get them to hide justin’s name in the wings. My sister and i decided the wings could be coloured in if need be (i.e. ice scating in hell).

But then it came to me! A muffin! with frosting (also known as a cupcake but lets not split hairs). It would be a tribute to Justin as thats my pet name (as i have mentioned before) and its uber cute! Now i can’t wait to get the tattoo done. Enter Picture:


Ok so i like this one, but in reverse, i want the paper cup white and the frosting chocolate and hearts on the paper cup! What do you think? Imaginary readers?


There is Hope for me yet!

I know when and where she will be coming into the city tonight and i am bursting to tell someone! But i can’t! I’ll lose my job!

Good Morning


I Scrubbed my room last night.


It was one of those things, where you peek under your bed for socks your missing and realize how dusty it is down there. Then you get a garbage bag because you own a million and one magazines. Then you need to open every bag ( I have a lot of purses and they take up the space under my bed) and get rid of what is in there. Then you have to dust your furniture. Which leads you to realize how many DVDs you have….Long Story short I have accidently done spring cleaning two days before the official start of spring. It always feels good when you purge your home of junk, even though I always seem to do it at 10pm.


I got to thinking about the fact that I would have to take these things with me when Justin and I get a house in a year. Did I really want two years worth of Seventeen Magazines from the year I was 17? (2005-2006). Do I really. Really. Really. need that grade 12 creative writing assignment I got 98% on? I might be a pack rat but I know, from watching TV, that I am not nearly as bad as a lot of people. I’m no compulsive hoarder, I just have a lot of knick knacks. For example, I have a lot of the DVDs that my family owns in my room. Now I could move them out to the family room, where they belong in theory, but I would be reprimanded for cluttering up the family space. Also I have a fair number of the CDs my collective family owns in my room and cannot move them for the same reason as above.


Books also take up a fair amount of space in my room, but ask me to get rid of them and you’ll have a problem on your hands. I have actually been thinking about getting a book shelf for my room (it’s a little embarrassing to say but the books have taken precedent over my clothes and take up two shelves in my closet) but I wonder if it would make my room feel more cluttered as the only room for one is next to my bed.


Maybe I can get wall shelves? I must think on this…..I must de-clutter my life now so Justin doesn’t divorce me for being a pack rat!

Anyways it is lunch time so I’m out!


P.S. The Gym won last night. Justin didn’t work late and so we went to the library and then the Gym. Later I will write about the books I checked out.



Good Afternoon Internet World, how’s it shaking?


I  was a busy bee yesterday at work (yay!) and was not able to update my blog. So this will have to be a weekend round up as well as a hola for the work week.


This weekend was fun and eventful:


·         Saturday I had a busy morning I had a session with Fab (my Personal Trainer) but he cancelled so I had to do my own workout and I didn’t get to see his ‘pull’ exercises.

·         After that I had to go get a refund for my terrible hair. This requires a bit of a back story. Tuesday of last week I decided I wanted to get highlights and to dye my hair a darker brown as it is naturally a lighter brown. So I went to a stylist in my local Wal-Mart and I was the only person there. Then about 15 minutes into her putting dye in my hair another person came in. she finished putting the dye in my hair and set the timer and went to that customer. That’s all fine and dandy. When the timer went off she rinsed my hair, but then a mother and her two kids came in. the stylist said she would be ‘quick’ and proceeded to do their hair, leaving me under the dryer for 45 minutes (my hair was dry in about 15). Then she put the bleach in for my highlights in my hair and took another client and was still doing his hair when she rinsed the bleach out and put the dye in. then she rinsed the dye out and had me wait, head in the sink, another 20 minutes while she finished the Mohawk on last client. Needless to say I was not please, especially after 3 and a half hours, when she did not dry my hair as the special includes. So I did not find out until later at home when my hair dried that it was barely darker than it naturally is. So anyways, I had to get a refund, which I did.

·         After the hair dresser’s I went to buy a new water bottle at the sports check as I have been using plastic ones and filling them up for about a week and then tossing them. But the metal water bottles that I have been seeing around ate $25! Which is a lot if you ask me, so I am still on the lookout for those.


·         We then picked up a couple of friends and went to what I call the highlight of the weekend: Red Bull Paper Wings. This is a contest where people compete using paper planes. The Toronto finalist competition that decided who went to the world championship took place in our Hangar at work so we went to watch the competition, and drink free Red Bull. It was a very strange event and kind of dragged a bit between events but was entertaining, and hey, free red bull! I have been drinking the free red bull for weeks now and I think it might be affecting me.

·         After Paper Wings we helped bring all the planes back in the hangar (the most manual labor I’ve seen my friend Vince do ever!) and then caught Coraline in 3D which was awesome and I would go see it again, soon (maybe this weekend!)

·         Sunday we went up to the Cottage and Justin and I grouted the shower. Which made it look much better. I will post some pictures from that later on.


Monday was pretty busy here at work, I was happily working all day long J the days go by so much faster that way. I had my chiropractor appointment again last night. It is really strange to have your entire back crack in one moment but feel so great. I love it, and when I told Justin I was leaving him for Ted my chiropractor, he was actually very miffed at me. Even when I told him I would keep him as my ‘back door lover’.


We have these really annoying pet names, most people cringe, but they are more natural, especially to Justin. He only ever calls me Daniela when I am mad at him. Otherwise I am Muffin. I call him Bum. I don’t know how we got these names, they just sort of happened.


Tonight there is a Revlon Sale at the International Centre, which is a convention hall that is across the street from my work. It is something that people look forward to each season. You can get 5 boxes of hair dye for $5 and a year’s supply of lip stick for $20. I am either going to that tonight, or going home and hitting the gym. I think the gym is going to win as I will not be tempted to buy a whole lot of stuff at the gym. But you never know, there is an entire block between here and the International Centre’s entrance and I might just turn the car towards it.


Anyways that is all:


Muffin signing out!

                (I promise I won’t be calling myself that)

I have gotten my first comment today. Interesting comment…. am Iambitious? No I don’t believe I am.

I’ve never been much for ‘reaching for the stars’ or ‘the only shot you miss are the ones you dont take’. I mean, i saw the posters in elementry school..guess I never paid attention.

Basically what I want from life is to move through it quietly and with the least amount of resistance possible. I want to take the path of least resistance. I want to go to work, do my 8 hours, than go home and forget about it. I can’t actually do that now as I am on call and do most of my work from home at 10.30pm.

But like I said; I get a lot of ‘oh that must be nice’ from people who don’t understand what it is like to sit at a desk all day, day in and day out, waiting for something anything to do.

I may not be ambitious, but I have work ethic and I can barely justify taking home the pay cheque when there is little to no work. I am a hard worker and when there is work to be done I do it 110%.

Regarding the bit about ‘showing off my capabilities’ I have little to no capabilities. I left college to work this job, halfway through a business diploma. and that was after i left university halfway through a degree in business writing. I think my capabilities begin and end with changing my mind.

My Afternoon obsession: chocolate.


I’ve eaten 6 mini kit kats and a mini coffee crisp. I think a mini chocolate bar is better for you than a full sized one if, and only if, you don’t eat the equivalent to a full chocolate bar, and then some. This does nothing to help me in the weight loss department.


I had my first personal training session with Fab my new ( and possibly gay) PT. I am not sure there is anyone in this world that can help me now, but bless his heart he is going to try. I just need to curb this sudden sweet tooth. Usually its bread that is my downfall, but lately those mini bars are killing me. I am suddenly damning the free food I loved so much before. Before, that elusive time where I could resist opening the cupboard and pigging out. I think it is because there are no more chips. We ran out of chips at work and now I have no salt, and I prefer salt to sugar. If I had my salt fix I think I would be fine.


I am drinking enough water to fill a medium sized pool. That should help me lose weight. Right?


According to if i drink a lot of water now, suffer through the first while of running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, and get to my “break-through point” my body will stop holding all the water its been hording because I don’t supply it enough water. This will make me lose weight in my ‘puffy body’. I am pretty sure my body is not puffy but I guess I will find out after my break through! Water will also make my skin perfect and blemish free! Woot I love water!


And now i get to leave work! its about 7 minutes until the end of my day and I actually had the chance to do a few hours of work today!


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