Obsessions of the morning

This is a progression of my morning online that led to this morning’s obsession: Team Jacob


Facebook creeping led to seeing what my cousin Crystal has been up to lately

That led to joining her new facebook group about being Twilight obsessed

That led to me flipping through the pictures on the group

That lead me to Google Taylor Luntner the actor who plays Jacob (who apparently cleans up very well!)

That lead me to a website http://cullenboysanonymous.blogspot.com/ which led me to find out that the next Twilight was being filled here in Canada!

Which led to a conversation with my good friend Kristen (MSN saves me from boredom here at work)about reading the books.

Which led to me declaring that I was team Jacob the moment Richard left Bella and she was so sad.


So yes, I am Team Jacob through and through!