My Afternoon obsession: chocolate.


I’ve eaten 6 mini kit kats and a mini coffee crisp. I think a mini chocolate bar is better for you than a full sized one if, and only if, you don’t eat the equivalent to a full chocolate bar, and then some. This does nothing to help me in the weight loss department.


I had my first personal training session with Fab my new ( and possibly gay) PT. I am not sure there is anyone in this world that can help me now, but bless his heart he is going to try. I just need to curb this sudden sweet tooth. Usually its bread that is my downfall, but lately those mini bars are killing me. I am suddenly damning the free food I loved so much before. Before, that elusive time where I could resist opening the cupboard and pigging out. I think it is because there are no more chips. We ran out of chips at work and now I have no salt, and I prefer salt to sugar. If I had my salt fix I think I would be fine.


I am drinking enough water to fill a medium sized pool. That should help me lose weight. Right?


According to if i drink a lot of water now, suffer through the first while of running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, and get to my “break-through point” my body will stop holding all the water its been hording because I don’t supply it enough water. This will make me lose weight in my ‘puffy body’. I am pretty sure my body is not puffy but I guess I will find out after my break through! Water will also make my skin perfect and blemish free! Woot I love water!


And now i get to leave work! its about 7 minutes until the end of my day and I actually had the chance to do a few hours of work today!