Good Afternoon Internet World, how’s it shaking?


I  was a busy bee yesterday at work (yay!) and was not able to update my blog. So this will have to be a weekend round up as well as a hola for the work week.


This weekend was fun and eventful:


·         Saturday I had a busy morning I had a session with Fab (my Personal Trainer) but he cancelled so I had to do my own workout and I didn’t get to see his ‘pull’ exercises.

·         After that I had to go get a refund for my terrible hair. This requires a bit of a back story. Tuesday of last week I decided I wanted to get highlights and to dye my hair a darker brown as it is naturally a lighter brown. So I went to a stylist in my local Wal-Mart and I was the only person there. Then about 15 minutes into her putting dye in my hair another person came in. she finished putting the dye in my hair and set the timer and went to that customer. That’s all fine and dandy. When the timer went off she rinsed my hair, but then a mother and her two kids came in. the stylist said she would be ‘quick’ and proceeded to do their hair, leaving me under the dryer for 45 minutes (my hair was dry in about 15). Then she put the bleach in for my highlights in my hair and took another client and was still doing his hair when she rinsed the bleach out and put the dye in. then she rinsed the dye out and had me wait, head in the sink, another 20 minutes while she finished the Mohawk on last client. Needless to say I was not please, especially after 3 and a half hours, when she did not dry my hair as the special includes. So I did not find out until later at home when my hair dried that it was barely darker than it naturally is. So anyways, I had to get a refund, which I did.

·         After the hair dresser’s I went to buy a new water bottle at the sports check as I have been using plastic ones and filling them up for about a week and then tossing them. But the metal water bottles that I have been seeing around ate $25! Which is a lot if you ask me, so I am still on the lookout for those.


·         We then picked up a couple of friends and went to what I call the highlight of the weekend: Red Bull Paper Wings. This is a contest where people compete using paper planes. The Toronto finalist competition that decided who went to the world championship took place in our Hangar at work so we went to watch the competition, and drink free Red Bull. It was a very strange event and kind of dragged a bit between events but was entertaining, and hey, free red bull! I have been drinking the free red bull for weeks now and I think it might be affecting me.

·         After Paper Wings we helped bring all the planes back in the hangar (the most manual labor I’ve seen my friend Vince do ever!) and then caught Coraline in 3D which was awesome and I would go see it again, soon (maybe this weekend!)

·         Sunday we went up to the Cottage and Justin and I grouted the shower. Which made it look much better. I will post some pictures from that later on.


Monday was pretty busy here at work, I was happily working all day long J the days go by so much faster that way. I had my chiropractor appointment again last night. It is really strange to have your entire back crack in one moment but feel so great. I love it, and when I told Justin I was leaving him for Ted my chiropractor, he was actually very miffed at me. Even when I told him I would keep him as my ‘back door lover’.


We have these really annoying pet names, most people cringe, but they are more natural, especially to Justin. He only ever calls me Daniela when I am mad at him. Otherwise I am Muffin. I call him Bum. I don’t know how we got these names, they just sort of happened.


Tonight there is a Revlon Sale at the International Centre, which is a convention hall that is across the street from my work. It is something that people look forward to each season. You can get 5 boxes of hair dye for $5 and a year’s supply of lip stick for $20. I am either going to that tonight, or going home and hitting the gym. I think the gym is going to win as I will not be tempted to buy a whole lot of stuff at the gym. But you never know, there is an entire block between here and the International Centre’s entrance and I might just turn the car towards it.


Anyways that is all:


Muffin signing out!

                (I promise I won’t be calling myself that)