Good Morning


I Scrubbed my room last night.


It was one of those things, where you peek under your bed for socks your missing and realize how dusty it is down there. Then you get a garbage bag because you own a million and one magazines. Then you need to open every bag ( I have a lot of purses and they take up the space under my bed) and get rid of what is in there. Then you have to dust your furniture. Which leads you to realize how many DVDs you have….Long Story short I have accidently done spring cleaning two days before the official start of spring. It always feels good when you purge your home of junk, even though I always seem to do it at 10pm.


I got to thinking about the fact that I would have to take these things with me when Justin and I get a house in a year. Did I really want two years worth of Seventeen Magazines from the year I was 17? (2005-2006). Do I really. Really. Really. need that grade 12 creative writing assignment I got 98% on? I might be a pack rat but I know, from watching TV, that I am not nearly as bad as a lot of people. I’m no compulsive hoarder, I just have a lot of knick knacks. For example, I have a lot of the DVDs that my family owns in my room. Now I could move them out to the family room, where they belong in theory, but I would be reprimanded for cluttering up the family space. Also I have a fair number of the CDs my collective family owns in my room and cannot move them for the same reason as above.


Books also take up a fair amount of space in my room, but ask me to get rid of them and you’ll have a problem on your hands. I have actually been thinking about getting a book shelf for my room (it’s a little embarrassing to say but the books have taken precedent over my clothes and take up two shelves in my closet) but I wonder if it would make my room feel more cluttered as the only room for one is next to my bed.


Maybe I can get wall shelves? I must think on this…..I must de-clutter my life now so Justin doesn’t divorce me for being a pack rat!

Anyways it is lunch time so I’m out!


P.S. The Gym won last night. Justin didn’t work late and so we went to the library and then the Gym. Later I will write about the books I checked out.