I have a tattoo on my lower back, i got it when I turned 18 and was still in highschool. I actually got it as soon as it was legal. it has been almost 3 years now and I am itching for a new one.

I was laying in bed last night and a sudden thought popped up: ‘I want a tattoo with Justin’s name’. Well as everyone knows, thats not the greatest idea ever. Incase hell freezes over and we break up it would not be something I’d be happy to look at. So I was thinking i would get a butterfly, i have always wanted a butterfly, i even had my tattoo parlor scetch one up for me, but i never got around to actually getting it. I would just get them to hide justin’s name in the wings. My sister and i decided the wings could be coloured in if need be (i.e. ice scating in hell).

But then it came to me! A muffin! with frosting (also known as a cupcake but lets not split hairs). It would be a tribute to Justin as thats my pet name (as i have mentioned before) and its uber cute! Now i can’t wait to get the tattoo done. Enter Picture:


Ok so i like this one, but in reverse, i want the paper cup white and the frosting chocolate and hearts on the paper cup! What do you think? Imaginary readers?