We had a busy weekend

I went to the gym saturday morning and saw my personal trainer. Then Justin and I went to see my tattoo artist and scheduled my tattoo for next saturday the 28th!

On the way back to my town from the bigger city that my tattoo artist works in, justin and I stopped at a sales office for new houses. we fell in love with this house that will be about $100 000 over our price range next year when we are actively looking. But it doesn’t hurt to have a look, right?

Saturday night my parents went to my aunt’s birthday, so we had the guys over for a few drinks and a laugh.*

Sunday we all got up early and Justin and I met my parents at the cottage where we had the Tree Doctors in cutting down some sick trees (all of which seemed precariously close to the cottage!) and do a little clean up of the property. This meant that we actually got to have some fresh air this weekend! I even got to climb up the top and sweep the roof, and clean out the eaves (sp?)img00114

*Now, i always feel about 16 when i say these things, but my parents were away saturday night and so we had friend’s over and we drank. We are all over the legal Canadian drinking age (soon to all be over the US leagal drinking age) and we were responsible and those who drank didn’t drive, and we weren’t loud (my nephew slept through us hanging out). The problem is my parents.

I have never had the oppertunity to have friends over. I think it is what has really made me the awkward almost anti social person that i am. I spent 100% of the time i was not actually at school with my parents and family, until i started working part time.