This is the first post I have written at home; it is basically to talk about the books that I recently checked out of the library.


mysisterskeeperLast year I read a book called My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I read it in 12 hours and called in sick to work the next day. I sobbed for hours after finishing the book and I promised to never pick up another book written by this woman.

Don’t get me wrong; the book was amazing. I could not put it down. But there was no way I was going to put myself through that kind of trama again. If you don’t believe me that a book can do that I dare you to pick it up.

Anyways, of course, I came across another book by Picoult at the thrift store and purchased it for $1, this one was called The Pact. It was AMAZING. I had the same reaction, I pulled all nighters and read it through in two sittings. But this time I was armed and, as they say, what doesn’t kill ou makes you stronger.

So now I am hooked; I just finished reading her book The Tenth Circle which was disturbing and full of emotions and I had Justin drive to the cottage yesturday so that I could finish it. I started the next one on my list last night, its called Nineteen Minutes>

Now, it is not that I do not like this book, but it is making me feel uncomfortable. The book is, to put it simply, about a highschool shooting, where the shooter is a student and kills other teens because he was bullied. I feel that Picoult is attempting to make the reader sympathetic to the shooter, and this is what is making me uncomforatable. I can’t feel symapthy for the shooter, no matter how much he was teased or how terrible the children were to him, it wouldn’t feel right to feel bad for this shooter.

Her novels are so emotionally charged. You can’t help but love and hate each character, their decisions their actions, the reasons they do what they do. The topics are all so controversial and I have a hard time bouncing back and forth, sure of my opinion on a subject one minute, and then questioning it the next.

I have purchased three more of her books and, at this rate, I will be able to finish them shortly. Maybe I will add a once a week book review to this blog!

Jodi, oh Jodi! I love/hate you!