Obsessions of the morning

This is a progression of my morning online that led to this morning’s obsession: Team Jacob


Facebook creeping led to seeing what my cousin Crystal has been up to lately

That led to joining her new facebook group about being Twilight obsessed

That led to me flipping through the pictures on the group

That lead me to Google Taylor Luntner the actor who plays Jacob (who apparently cleans up very well!)

That lead me to a website http://cullenboysanonymous.blogspot.com/ which led me to find out that the next Twilight was being filled here in Canada!

Which led to a conversation with my good friend Kristen (MSN saves me from boredom here at work)about reading the books.

Which led to me declaring that I was team Jacob the moment Richard left Bella and she was so sad.


So yes, I am Team Jacob through and through!




Ok, hello all (or non rather). This is my first blog and I basically created it to fill the time while I am at ‘work’. I barely ever have anything to do while at work, so I get paid to surf the internet. A lot of people tell me that’s great, they would love to get paid for nothing, but it’s incredibly boring. I can’t leave, I can’t read a book and I can’t chat on the phone with my friends. I have to sit here quietly and wait for someone to need my services.


I am a flight coordinator for a small private jet chartering company. I schedule hotel rooms and cars for our pilots, arrange catering for our clients, and work out customs issues. Actually dealing with trips and necessary work only takes about half an hour a day. Luckily we started a side business that has been taking up a bit more of my time. But it is still new and we aren’t up to a regular amount of business so work concerning it is sporadic. I just took over this position in September because the girl that was doing it before hated my boss, Eliza, with a burning passion. I find her difficult to work with too, but I would never change jobs in an economy like this.


Eliza; the bane of my existence. She calls me Ugly Betty, which I would never call anyone as an insult because I think America is gorgeous, but she means it to be mean. She thinks everything is centered around looks and I guess I’m not exactly the most fashionable person you’re ever going to meet. She also is one of the sympathy seekers. She is constantly complaining about how difficult her life is and how she can’t seem to get away from work. Meanwhile she is lazy and gets me to do 90% of the work for the new company.


 Another annoying part of my job is Donna. The 60 something lady that I share an office with, she is annoying and give these great big sighs all day long. She tells me the same stories over and over and interrupts other people when they are talking so she can tell her version of their story. And she drives my mother (the office manager) crazy with questions, often the same questions, all day long.


Anyways that’s enough about work, let’s talk about me a little. I am 20 years old, soon to turn 21 in April. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart Justin. We have set a date, August 5th 2011. So that’s a million years away. Actually people are telling me I should get started now if I want a hall. Which is insane as I have 2 years, 4 months and 25 days before the wedding day ( you should check out this neat website http://www.timeleft.info/ and download the countdown clock for your desktop!).


I live with my parents, my sister Valerie, her 3 year old (4 years old May 1st!) Paris, and her boyfriend Anthony. We live in a town called Bolton, which is about half an hour drive to downtown Toronto, but a world away as our subdivision is surrounded by farms and forests.


My main goal these days is to save as much money as I can so that I can a) buy a home with Justin and b) have my wedding. We are going to save for the house first and foremost. I don’t care if we have to wait to get married a little while longer, I can’t be married and living with my parents. Or, even worse, his mother. She means well and I love her, but I could never share a house with her. Watching her visit her sister is painful. Last time she wouldn’t stop talking about the fact that her sister didn’t have ‘proper’ serving spoons.


No, I couldn’t live with her, I would either kill her, kill myself, or get a divorce.


The main excitement in my life right now is the cottage that my parents bought in September. We’ve spent the last 5 months fixing it up. We’ve demoed and now we’ve begun pulling it all back together.








Believe it or not these two picture are being taken from the same spot!


Justin and Me Jumping
Justin and Me Jumping

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the remodel, more than anyone thought I would have had. Above that is me and Justin packing down the bin, trying to get more drywall in.


Anyways, more another time.

Danni XO


I listen to the radio all day from my computer speakers and so i obsess over music. Then i google the lyrics. then i go to you tube. then i google the band and i read up on them. I’ve always loved Lilly Allen.


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